Protect Your Confidential Documents

Whether your company is large or small, there will always be a need to destroy your company’s confidential documents.  Financial,
payroll, tax returns, correspondence and lists containing your customers vital information, just to name a few, should all be destroyed
through shredding.  Everyone has the right to privacy and the legal right to have this information protected.  If you do not protect this
information, it is very possible that your company can be brought up on criminal charges.  

There are laws requiring the retention of documents and how long they need to be kept in order to comply.  Setting up a schedule
and sticking to it is very important.  Documentation of the destruction process is important if your company becomes involved in a
legal situation.   The Certificate of Destruction will give you that documentation.

1st Choice Document Destruction can provide secure locked containers to hold your documents.  We can set up a schedule that is
perfect for your situation.  Our mobile unit will make regular onsite pickups, shred your documents in a secure environment and
provide documentation that the process has been completed.  

If you choose to store your documents in a storage facility, make sure it is a very secure environment.  If they offer a document
destruction service, check into their process.  Do not let them choose the contractor!  You must stay vigilant.  Your company will still
be responsible if your company information ends up in the wrong hands.  It is wise to have someone in upper management or
security personnel witness the destruction of these important documents.

Keep your confidential documents private.  Follow the guidelines listed above and be assured that 1st Choice Document Destruction
will offer a secure and legal choice for your company to comply with the federal and local laws concerning the destruction of
sensitive documents.
HIPAA:  Health Insurance
Portability and Accountability Act.
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FACTA:  Fair Credit Reporting Act
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Red Flag Rule:  NEW
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HIPAA/Hitech:  NEW
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These laws are very strict and if
the documents are not handled
properly there are legal
ramifications for your company.
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