Stainless Steel Tables
As an added benefit to our standard and custom solutions, Uni-
Craft Corp. also has the knowledge and experience to provide
stainless steel versions of our wide range of products. Stainless
Steel products may include hydraulic scissor lift tables, pneumatic
scissor lift tables, and mechanical scissor lift tables, container
tilters, hydraulic tilt tables, product upenders, powered turntables
and manual turntables.  Our ability to provide equipment designs
and special design features, as well as years of manufacturing
expertise, will ensure that our manufacturing methods meet your
application needs and furthermore your quality expectations. This
combined industry experience and flexibility will provide the
correct ergonomic solution for your unique application. Whether a
corrosive environment or a food manufacturing facility, please
contact us to assist in providing the proper stainless steel
equipment. Some examples of Stainless Steel provisions and
options include:

  • - Wash down duty power units
  • - Food grade hydraulic fluids
  • - Auto lube package
  • - Stainless steel shroud over power units
  • - Multiple stainless steel finish options
  • - Accordion skirting.
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