Now, more than ever, it is very important to protect your company’s confidential information.  When the time comes to purchase a
new computer and recycle your old one, it is critical that you do not pass along information stored on the hard drive.  Deleting the
files just isn't good enough!  Even an inexperienced hacker, once they obtain the hard drive, can retrieve and restore the company’s
confidential information.  Before you recycle your computer you should remove
the hard drive.

The Guardian Hard Drive Destroyer is on board our mobile unit!  We will place your hard drive in the destroyer and within 15
seconds the hard drive destroyer delivers catastrophic trauma to the hard drive chassis, destroying the internal platter, and all
retrievable files and folders. A steady crushing motion focuses 12,000 lbs of force that literally destroys the internal hard disk by
punching through the chassis, guaranteeing the internal hard drive will never spin again. The platter is so damaged that it will not fit
into a new chassis and the information cannot ever be retrieved again.  After the hard drive is destroyed, you are issued a Certificate
of Destruction with the serial number then the hard drive will be returned to you for verification and disposal.

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