"The Guardian" Manual Destroyer is a great machine available for the companies just starting out
who need to watch their budget or for those who have not established customers and only have a
few hard drives to do on a weekly or monthly basis.

The Manual Destroyer will destroy all hard drives regardless of their size, format or type. The
maximum number of pumps to destroy the hard drive is 17 pumps. It takes a maximum of 11 pumps
to retract the hydraulic cylinder, so that you can remove the hard drive.

This nice compact affordable machine has a removable jack handle  Smaller than the other Guardian,
this machine will fit into smaller places for easy storage.  This unit can be carried into your customers
facility to handle jobs on-site.  Great for mobile trucks.

12,000 lbs of force literally destroys the internal hard disk.  No electricity
needed. Powered all by hand.
"The GUARDIAN" Manual Destroyer has a hydraulic directional
valve that operates the cylinder.
92 pounds
18" tall
18" wide
22" deep - support legs
A cone shaped plunger
pushes the motor through the
chassis of the hard drive and
delivers catastrophic trauma
to the platters inside the hard
drive chassis just as its
electric counterpart does
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