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The TC-710 baler reduces the amount of space needed for
recycling your material.  Paper, aluminum cans, plastic and
other materials can be put through the process. This type
of diverse usage can add to the services you can provide
to your customers.

Standing only four feet tall, the
TC-710 Baler reduces 150
lbs of the most challenging aluminum cans or P.E.T.
Bottles, and 140 lbs of  H.D.P.E. material into a dense 20” x
20” x 36” bale. Equipped with a standard oil cooler and 5”
cylinder, the power choices include a 10 HP electric motor
or 18 HP gas engine. This mobile unit conveniently fits into
a truck or trailer bed, which can be used curbside, or it can
be permanently installed in-plant. The in-plant unit can be
mounted on casters. The
TC-710 Baler provides flexibility
for processing of waste materials on-site or en route.
Convenient and practical the
TC-710 reduces labor costs
and material handling by preparing the bales and allowing
you to continue baling while removing a completed bale.
Getting more material in each load also reduces
transportation cost.
The TC-720 Vertical Baler is great for cardboard.  It is
equipped with a heavy-duty 4" diameter bore
hydraulic cylinder that produces an extremely tight,
heavy bale. Along with a surprisingly small footprint
this unit is constructed of heavy-duty high strength
steel and will give many years of service. With a
chamber size is 42" x 22" this versatile unit will fit
your needs for many applications.

Operating on an 120 volt, 30 amp circuit the
Recycling Baler uses an electric hydraulic system
that provides a fast baling operation. The 2 HP
electric motor connected to a 7 GPM, 2 stage
hydraulic pump permits a fast cylinder cycle while the
12 gallon hydraulic reservoir keeps the oil cool even
after hours of operation.
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Picture of a TC-720 Horizontal Baler
Picture of a TC-710 Horizontal Baler
Gasoline Engine Measurements     

18 HP Gas Engine
3'9" x 8'9" x 4'6"  2030 lbs
Electric Motor  

10 HP Electric Motor
3'9" x 8'9" x 3'6"  2030 lbs

220-volt, three-phase in-plant operation
Baling Time
150 lbs of aluminum cans and P.E.T. Bottles to a
20” x 20” x 36” bale in under 7 minutes, 140 lbs
of H.D.P.E. Bottles in under 20 minutes.
If you are in the recycling or shredding
business, you will be impressed with
these machines.
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