Destroy Any Type of Drive in Record Time!

The Guardian automatically destroys all hard drives regardless of their size, format or type in
only 15 seconds. Simply push a button to ensure complete physical destruction. Guarding
you, your organization and your data against misappropriation and theft.

12,000 lbs of Force That Literally Destroys The Internal Hard Disk

The Guardian Hard Drive Destroyer inflicts irreparable damage to any hard drive, rendering
stored files totally unobtainable. A steady crushing motion focuses 12,000 lbs of force that
literally destroys the internal hard disk.

  • Delivers catastrophic trauma to the hard drive chassis itself, destroying the internal
    platter and all retrievable files and folders.  

  • Unlike any destroyer you've seen, this machine performs a downward thrust that safely
    punches through the chassis guaranteeing the internal hard disk will never "spin" again.

  • Complies with recent security and privacy mandates requiring complete destruction of
    media containing private and confidential information prior to its disposal.

Why Deleting (or reformatting) Your Data is Not Enough

Like a file room, your hard drive has information physically located in specific areas. When you
delete any file or folder the computer merely tags this space as "available" for future storage.
The information itself resides exactly as it did prior to your delete. In fact, even after new
information replaces the deleted files forensic techniques are available to recover the data.

Is Your Current Procedure Worth Betting On?

Most alternative methods of data disposal are expensive, risky and extremely time-consuming.  
Verification with software and magnetic field procedures only work on functioning drives and
even then may only suggest the data is unrecoverable using today's known methods of
retrieval. Who knows what advancements or secret methods will develop in the future

Hard drive shredding usually requires an expensive, bulky and high maintenance machine that
often requires your hard drives be shipped off sight.  
The Guardian is a compact unit that can
be installed on board a mobile truck or can be placed on the shelving unit in a confined space
in your facility.
For added convenience
we offer a rugged stand
complete with collapsible work
shelves and steel casters for
ease of mobility.
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Model Number:  DD601
Power Supply
Standard 120v  60 HZ  1
Phase  3 Prong
Power Consumption
20A @ 120 VAC
Destruction Time
15 second full cycle all
size drives
Weight and Size
Weight 142 lbs  Size: 24"
height  10" width  24"
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